Tips For Updating Your Website

So it's time to take your website to the next level. To match where you're taking your trades business in 2022 and beyond. Maybe you've been operating on a website that was built years ago by a friend or family member, but now you've outgrown it. Here's what you need to know before updating your website.

Questions to consider when you're updating your website

There are several questions your website designer/developer will ask you.

  • What websites do you like the look of? Do some research and have a couple of ideas ready to share.

  • What do you want it to do? Take bookings and payments, showcase your services and encourage people to contact you, integrate it with your invoicing and task management system for example?

  • Are you providing the copy or are you going to engage a copywriter? The website needs copy for each page, headlines, tagline, calls to action, forms and blogs.

  • What 'tone' do you want the website to convey? (Hint: consider who is going to land there and check it out)

  • What's your budget and timeline?

Before you start a website project:

You'll need a URL or website address

If you already have one, and you're updating your site, that website address will most likely stay the same. If you're changing it, choose something that's simple, makes sense for your business, and is not going to be hard for people to type if they don't have a direct link.

For example there's a business I wanted to find to send a referral to. It's a clever/funny business name, a bit quirky, but I can never remember how he spells it and it's tough to get to his website.

Don't make people work too hard to find your website.

A website platform

Websites are built on website platforms. These are the most popular across the world

  • Wordpress

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Weebly

You can see a blog with loads of comparisons of platforms here:

We choose to build our clients' sites on Wix as it's better value for money, and most importantly we believe it's easier for you to edit once it's live - no complicated code or plugins that go out of date like Wordpress. You can access a Free 10 Point Website Audit here and we'll give you feedback on your copywriting, graphic design and SEO

Website hosting

Your website is hosted so it can be live on the internet. If you use Wix, you pay your hosting fees to them, compared to having a Wordpress site that can be hosted on any number of web hosting companies. If you're having a site build on Wordpress, as the advice of your developer as they will have insider knowledge of the best hosting plans.


Keywords are based on searches people do on Google or Bing. It's important you have thought through what your keywords might be, or hire an SEO expert to get them to do the research for you.

For example is it Emergency Plumber <Location>? Currently showing about 2900 searches per month according to UberSuggest Or is it 'blocked drains plumber' (showing about 480 searches per month).

Do some research, but if you'd like some guidance we highly recommend this free course.

Any Questions?

If this has raised some questions for you, contact us here and we'll be glad to help.

Remember you can also get your free 10 point website audit here. We'll give you some feedback and answer any questions if you're thinking of updating your website right now.

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