Does your tradie business really need to be on social media?

Social Media By The Numbers

Many trades business owners ask ‘is social media that important for my business?’ Thinking of the time to post, what to post about, when to post and more, can lead many business owners to put social media in the too hard basket.

And you get lots of business via word of mouth right? So why is social media important?

People spend time on social media for several reasons. For scrolling, entertainment, catching up with friends and their latest posts, searching for topics they are interested in, buying products, looking for solutions.

So even if they are not buying from you, they can find your business, see your posts, and interact with you, message you and find your website through social media.

There are simply so many people on social media. You would be missing out on a huge potential audience if you ignore it. Let's look at the numbers for the three main platforms.

Monthly Active Users:


This is a grand poobah of social media platforms with almost 3 billion people worldwide on the site each month. It's a scrolling newsfeed AND a search platform where people can search for businesses or people, community interest groups and more. People keep up to date with friends and family, join groups of likeminded people, and respond to ads.


Much more visual, geared towards video and images, Instagram is a place where people not only search for and follow their favourite topics (through hashtags), they also purchase and are brand loyal on this platform. It can sometimes be described as a more fun platform.


Built for professionals, this site is build on individual profiles, as well as company pages. With more than 700 million people active on the site, it's an important place to share your business values and offers through posts, articles, videos and more.

Social media platforms are also search engines

Potential clients don't just search for things on Google. People search for topics they are interested in, as well as people or businesses they know or have been referred to. Social media provides another chance to use your keywords and repeat your points of difference.

And where do you think people go when someone recommends your business? They head to either social media or a google search to find you. The more space you take on the search engine results page the better.

It's a numbers game

Being more visible across social media and online generally is all about being seen and sharing your business name, location, your own name as much as possible. The more chances to be found in searches the better.

So it makes commercial sense to be on at least Facebook and Instagram, and your own name on LinkedIn.

But there are other benefits. Which brings us to what you could post on social media.

What could you post on social media?


Share information about you and your team, your clients, your projects, your business, your dog!

If you have special equipment, licences, geographic locations, processes or specialities - all of this is important to include in your content (posts, articles, images, videos, blogs etc).

Even your new ute or plant/equipment you’ve purchased to improve the work you do is worth sharing.

Every week or so, remember to share a directly promotional post - ‘get in touch with us if you need this problem solved…’ with a link to your contact/enquiry form on your website.


Largely a video and image driven platform - share the best photos you can take, short videos that show how you work, or share worthy processes or products you use. Make them as entertaining as possible that your audience would love (Think colour, the dog on site, funny team videos) Like @melbournechippychick showing how she got around a problem of demo with a staircase!


Not strictly ‘social media’, LinkedIn is great for your personal profile as a business owner. You could share about your team, your industry, keep people updated with your latest projects, your professional development milestones and more.

Connecting it all together

The best thing about having social media profiles and pages is that it’s another place to add your website address, communicate with your potential clients, and potentially get leads to your website enquiry form.

You can use your profiles to include all your important information, share your google reviews, and encourage people to get in touch with you.

So don't wait. The sooner you get started the better. If you're not sure you want to tackle this yourself, or who to reach out to, here are some businesses who can help:

Virtually Yours - Australian VA Directory & Community

Growth Advantage - A Melbourne local who helps small business owners by taking over admin and social media services

Sam Says Social - A social media specialist service for small business